The first course of Sequentia Academy to understand Bitcoin through the history of money

Course I : Understand Money through History

Sequentia Academy’s first course materials

Reading: 210 minutes
Video: 60 minutes

TEST: 30 minutes

TOT course: 300 minutes (5 hours)

To-do (read, view)

7 minWhat is Money: the intrinsic characteristics (annex excluded)A. De Luigi
20 minBitcoin vs Gold vs FiatA. De Luigi
35 minThe Birth of Fiat MoneyA. De Luigi
30 minAnarchy, State and Utopia pp. 149-164
from The entitlement Theory to How Liberty Upset Patterns (included)
R. NozickPDF
10 minJustice as Equality and Neutrality ch 2.7 pp 76-79, until the example of the tennis court & tomatoes
A. De Luigi
4 minThe injustice of a wrong basket (annex in What is Money article)A. De Luigi
10 minThe Bitcoin Standard, ch 2 The Primitive Moneys, pp. 11-16
[alternative Shelling Out: the Origins of Money, 75 min])
S. Ammous,
N. Szabo
40 minThe Tragedy of Fiat MoneyA. De Luigi
12 minThe Fiat Standard (ch 6 pp 80-84 Gold Spatial Salability, Fiat Spatial SalabilityS. AmmousPDF
2 minOperation Bernhard (par. Origins of the plan)
1 minThe ten points of the Communist ManifestoK. Marx & F. Engels
15 minWorld War II and Bretton Woods, in The Bitcoin Standard (cap 4)S. AmmousPDF
3 minJohn Palmstruch and Stockholms BancoWikipedia
60 mingoodmorning, money laundering is beautifulG. Zucco
20 minThe Fiat standard, ch. 8 Fiat foodS. AmmousPDF
The Fiat standard, ch 9 Fiat science, ch 11 The fiat States, par. The misery industry)
S. AmmousPDF
PDFs can be obtained freely on the web or, where requested, are sent to registered users
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The test generates questions randomly from a list and the order of the answers is always different, so each tester will take a different test. The document with all the commented SOLUTIONS (to the entire list of possible questions) is accessible for those who register their EMAIL (there is a specific field at the bottom of the TEST page). By providing the email you will also receive the next courses, teaching materials and tests, when available. On completion of all Academy courses you will receive a diploma and, where and if applicable, a reward.

Sequentia Academy is totally free of charge.
Sequentia makes its resources available to the public because we believe this educational project can provide positive externalities for the Bitcoin ecosystem and Sequentia itself. Increased awareness relative to a general need in the world for freer and more independent finance can foster the adoption of protocols like Sequentia.