The free open academy to understand Bitcoin

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What is Sequentia Academy:

Sequentia Academy is the free open academy to understand Bitcoin. It spans through 3 different courses:

1 – Understanding Money through History (estimated 5 hours)

2 – Bitcoin Tech & Culture

3 – Tokenization & Shitcoins

Each course has a final test. All tests are open to the public. Anyone can practice and test their knowledge.

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The course is free of charge and no registration required. Don’t miss this chance!

Only the first course is currently available with tests and materials. The registered user (those who decide to register their email during the end-of-course test) will be notified when the other courses are available. We expect that in the future the Academy will issue formal certificates and a reward to those successfully completing all the courses.

The Sequentia Academy is also open in ITALIAN, click here to start:

Sequentia Academy is totally free of charge.
Sequentia makes its resources available to the public because we believe this educational project can provide positive externalities for the Bitcoin ecosystem and Sequentia itself. Increased awareness relative to a general need in the world for freer and more independent finance can foster the adoption of protocols like Sequentia.