Sequentia & Dmany working together to build an informed community

The partnership aims at achieving a stronger, conscious user network. Dmany is a platform for decentralized engagement

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dmany, a decentralized engagement platform which will help Sequentia build an informed community of opinion leaders and ambassadors.

As you are aware, we recently launched Sequentia Academy, a collection of free learning materials and tests to understand Bitcoin and tokenized finance, starting from the basis of monetary history to the more complex features of Sequentia protocol and finance.

The missing piece of the puzzle is a proper reward for all participants. Dmany fills this gap, allowing Sequentia to reward the efforts of Academy participants and all the other contributors who will bring forward Sequentia ideas to the Bitcoin and web3 communities.

Sequentia will be leveraging Dmany’s platform to validate participant’s activities and reward them, enhancing user engagement and experience, while strengthening the bonds within the community to foster the formation of a core group of supporters.

We are excited to support Dmany in their journey and look forward to contributing to our mutual success.

Dmany is a platform for decentralized engagement. Sequentia is a Bitcoin sidechain for decentralized exchanges of financial assets for Bitcoin (BTC).

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